Membership Eligibility

Scientists, Researchers, Educators & Industry Professionals.

Universities, Research/Educational Institutes, Societies & Associations.

Industries, Companies & Corporations.

Membership Duration

Duration (5 Years )
Fees : 5000 INR ; 200 USD

Duration (3 Years )
Fees : 3000 INR ; 100 USD

Duration ( 1 Year )
Fees : 2000 INR ; 50 USD

About Membership

GJR PUBLICATION” A Unit of GJRCON International llP from India. Welcomes Academicians, Professionals, Researchers, Students, Institutes and tutorial Organizations to be a section and be a member of Our Association. Global Journal of Research Publication offers a wonderful chance for networking with alternative members and exchange information.

This Association was organized with the subsequent major objectives :

  • To encourage investigator to get involved in general research activities.
  • To foster the exchange of concepts and information across the world.
  • To conduct workshops, seminars, conference etc. on instructional research.
  • To give monetary help to the research scholars.
  • To give a forum for discussion of issues associated with instructional research.

Membership Benefits

  • Members are going to be highlighted on the Official web site as our Prestigious Members.
  • Members shall receive a Prestigious Membership Certificate that is crucial for tutorial and skilled improvement.
  • Members will apply for tutorial and Research Awards with no registration fee.
  • Members can get weightage to become Editor in our National/International journals.
  • Members are exempted from 50% registration for all National and International Seminar/Conferences in coming days.
  • Members will be privileged to host the National/International Conference at their own place/country with collaboration.
  • Regular updates regarding coming International/National conferences, Workshops and school Development Programs (FDPs)
  • Members can even suggest complimentary Publications to anybody of their references.
  • Unlimited publication of articles in any of the Gjr Journals.

NB: To avail for the preceding advantages and obtain all the opposite connected data like the way to apply, membership rating, a lot of advantages etc.
Please write to us at or
[International Membership can be applied for Half-Yearly/Annual/Three Yearly/Five Yearly/Life Time basis]