Editor  Guidelines

The main quip of GJR PUBLICATION is to unfold knowledge base globally. The credibleness of revealed articles fully depends on the effective peer reviewing process; thence, editors are the chief support for GJR PUBLICATION. The Editorial board members of GJR PUBLICATION are to blame for publication quality manuscripts received from authors on involved subjects.

• Editorial board members area unit most welcome to provide their valuable suggestions for structure progress.
• Editors will review submitted manuscripts supported their possible time, if time doesn’t enable reviewing the manuscript, editors will counsel alternative reviewers.
• Editors can take care of any confidential information relating to the task. If the author has used data of sure people, specifically in any of his medical or scientific records, the editorial Team should search for written consent from the individual, for the record to qualify for publication.
• Grabbing editorial choices at the proper time and act in a very clear manner.
• Actively search for the views of associate editors, authors, readers, reviewers and editorial board members regarding ways that of up their journal’s content.
• Reputation of our cluster is increased by the presence of eminent editors. They additionally should endeavor to line higher standards for the journal whenever potential.
• Sustain initiatives to coach researchers and young students regarding publication policies and ethics.
• The validity of the scientific facts declared should be checked and therefore the criticism of the manuscript ought to be left open for all to come to a decision.
• The editorial board members should assure that printed content is original. The responsibleness of the author’s work may be a should, thus there should be correct citation and therefore the original supply of the content ought to be named.
• The judgement relating to modification, acceptance, or rejection of a manuscript rests only with the editor.

BENEFITS :                          
• Editors are often promoted as senior editor and govt editor within the involved journal supported their active participation and additionally supported their expertise.
• Editors are given highest priority all told the events that square measure organized by gjr publication.
• Based on their kind contributions and their potency, there’s an opportunity to function a distinguished member of the board.
• After one year of due course, Editor-in-Chief are proclaimed for each journal supported their active participation, experience within the field, contribution towards the Journal and additionally their scientific contributions.
• The review comments that square measure given by the editors are strictly followed when that the authors are requested to change their manuscript consistent with the editor’s suggestions.
• We promote all the articles of the Editors that square measure revealed in our journals, in numerous social networking teams from our finish, increasing visibility for his or her works.
GJR PUBLICATION think about Editorials as a note to the young researchers and students.